Daniella Preisler

Daniella, originally from Chile, brings extensive experience as a cooperative development consultant, certified coach and trainer with a Master in the Next Economy. She is now in the process of launching her second cooperative business, Colmenar Cooperative Consulting, which provides consulting services to the Latinx community. Through educational programs and educational tools, she advises her clients to develop their capabilities within participatory governance, financial literacy and structure, and effective communication in their cooperative businesses.

Daniella is on the board of directors of the National Federation of Workers’ Cooperatives of the United States. She joined the board in 2017 and is currently in her second term, this being her second year as vice-president of the executive board. She also participates in several committees of said organization, among them, the Committee of Immigrants in Cooperatives, the Elections Committee, the International Committee and the Membership Committee.

Since 2013, Daniella entered the world of cooperatives when she joined Home Green Home SF, a cooperative of Latina women who have provided ecological cleaning services in San Francisco since 2009. In this cooperative, she served as the leader of the Finance and Management Committee, at the same time that she participated in different committees until January of this year. She is currently their external consultant. 

As a consultant, during these last 3 years, Daniella works for various cooperatives in the formation stage and organizations such as Prospera and Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC), where she has offered different workshops and has co-elaborated and co-facilitated with Prospera the complete program of 8 sessions named “Explora”, which focuses on introducing Latina entrepreneurs to the cooperative business model. At Prospera, she is currently also part of the Governance Committee of the Resilience Revolving Fund for the participants of the programs of said organization.