Education and Training

We facilitate popular education delivering both theory and hands- on practice. We have centered our work in the worker cooperatives model and democratic workplace practices that allows Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities to create workplaces where they get to decide how they want to work.

When we facilitate sessions on democratic leadership, we seek to connect participants with their own experiences and traditions many times deeply rooted in ancestral knowledge among their own communities. We believe that recognizing and validation of peoples experience leads to liberatory transformation, especially among immigrant and uprooted communities that leave everything behind to come to this country to start from zero in a society that undervalues their stories and humanity.

For us worker ownership, and democratic participation are tools to recover our dignity at the workplace, but also to help us trust in our own leadership among our communities. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Cooperative culture 
    • Collective Leadership 
    • Cooperative model and principles 
    • Collective well being and self care 
  • Governance 
    • Democratic governance 
    • Operating Agreement 
    • Mission, vision and values 
    • Members rights and responsibilities 
    • Committees 
    • Member Onboarding 
    • Decision Making 
  • Collective Accountability and Responsibilities 
    • Tools for Accountability 
    • Work Planning 
    • Effective Communications 
    • Roles and Work Distribution 
    • Generative Conflict 
    • Facilitation and Meetings 
  • Finances 
    • Introduction to finances 
    • Finances for LLC Coopertives 
    • Financial reports 
    • Taxes