Technical Assistance

We provide support through the identification of needs, the creation of structures and processes, as well as connection with resources from the cooperative ecosystem  and other national organizations that promote  democratic and cooperative workspace.

Our bilingual (EN/SP)Technical Assistance includes revision of documents, resources and materials, and recommendations for the sustainable development of their businesses.

Areas of Expertise

  • Financial Literacy  
  • Cooperative Education 101 
  • Governance
  • Decision Making 
  • Business Plan 
  • Facilitation and Meetings 
  • Operating Agreement, Bylaws 
  • Collective Care and Burnout Prevention 
  • Anti Oppression at the Workplace 
  • Generative Conflict 
  • Mediation 
  • Financial projections 
  • Marketing and Branding 
  • Collective Leadership 
  • Accountability 
  • Cooperative Development Capacity