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Colmenar Cooperative Consulting is a bilingual (Spanish / English) worker cooperative managed and operated by its workers, we offer education and resources for the sustainable development of worker cooperatives and democratic workplaces. Our work focuses on racial and gender equity, we use popular education methodologies in which we value the experience and contribution of each of the participants. Through these values, at Colmenar, we seek to change the paradigm of the workspace, through advice, curriculum, and customized mentoring programs for members of the Black Indigenous and People of Color communities.

Our Team

We offer comprehensive personalized bilingual (EN/SP) workshops. Our experience comes from our own experience as immigrant Latinx growing new roots despite an oppressive system that chooses to ignore our wisdom, knowledge, and history. We are mothers, organizers, healers, educators, communicators, cooperators and builders of bridges. We will be honored to work with you and your team to launch your project from the Startup phase, guide you through the conversion of your business to the worker cooperative model, to implement or strengthen your processes and structures to build a democratic workplace culture.

Daniella Preisler

Adrian Roman

Adrián Roberto Roman

Ana Martina

Former members

Mayerling Castillo – co-founder / former member